Electronic Pipetting Systems

The productivity of an automated instrument in the palm of your hand

Ideal user flexibility and comfort make Thermo Scientific™ electronic pipetting systems a necessity in every lab. The proven performance of index-finger pipetting action, electronic tip ejection and now NEW! Thermo Scientific™ ClipTip™ interlock technology provides greater confidence in your results.

The only tip that clips for consistent, reproducible results

Let us prove it. Discover how the Thermo Scientific™ ClipTip™ Manual and Electronic Pipetting System can redefine the way you pipette.

The only tip that clips


Combine ClipTip technology with electronic operation and an intuitive user interface, and you have a pipette that works the way you need in the lab. With the new Thermo Scientific™ E1-ClipTip™ Electronic Pipetting System interlocking technology, electronic tip ejection and adjustable tip spacing create sealed in security.

E1-ClipTip Pipette - Upside-Down

*Offer available in North America only