Nalgene Labware

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ labware adheres to the highest quality of standards – from the creation of filters, carboys, bottes, tubing, centrifuge tubes, tanks, and additional laboratory containers to our world class customer service programs.  These products help support  the development and manufacturing of:

Whether it is a unique bottle and closure system that is guaranteed leakproof, or a filter membrane to increase filtration throughput and flow rates, life science demands excellence in every dimension.  Enhancing customer productivity through innovation by exceeding customer challenges, Nalgene strives to develop the products you need to move science forward.

Every day customers depend on the leadership performance of Thermo Scientific Laboratory Consumables to achieve excellence in the lab and the production floor.

Thermo Scientific Nalgene products and services include: 

General Labware

Durable, break-resistent, lightweight, and just the right dimensions for your lab. Includes: bottles, carboys, beakers, centrifuge tubes, funnels, jugs, jars, and hundreds of additional products to assist you in your research.


Our production cell culture platforms reflect the rigorous standards that have made us the world's leading provider of cell culture products. Includes: production bottles and carboys, media bottles, shaker flasks, culture vessels, centrifuge bottles, tanks, and tubing.


Optimized for sterility and safety in both research and QC testing processes. Includes: filter units, filter membranes, bottle top filters, filter storage bottles, filer holders, syringe filters, and additional accessories.


Bottles specified for diagnostics, biologicals, veterinary pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, reagents, and adhesives. Includes: bulk pack laboratory and packaging bottles, specialty bottles, serum vials, and micro packaging vials.

Sample Storage

Whether you're storing a few cryogenic samples or thousands of 2D barcoded specimens in a biobank, we have tubes, accessories and equipment you need. Includes: cryogenic tubes, Mr. Frosty Freezing container, and additional cryogenic products.