Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

PAI Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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Test all raw materials, intermediates, and finished products right on site and in seconds

Achieve maximum quality coverage for the minimum financial and staff investment. With Thermo Scientific™ handheld Raman and NIR spectrometers, pharmaceutical manufacturers can easily obtain fast, accurate material verification in less than 30 seconds, enabling immediate release of raw materials into production.


Request a demo to see how the TruScan and microPHAZIR analyzers can help you achieve high quality, safe, and compliant pharmaceutical manufacturing.  

QA-QC for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical QA/QC
Rapid, reliable quality control of pharmaceutical ingredients - from the loading dock to finished goods inspection.

Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Screening

Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Screening
Protect patient health and your intellectual property with rapid identification of counterfeit pharmaceuticals directly in the field.

Achieve Quality Initiatives Throughout the Manufacturing Process

From raw material verification to chemical dispensing and secondary operations through to finished product inspection, Thermo Scientific handheld analyzers provide manufacturers with a portable solution to achieve quality standards at the point of need.