HyClone Cell Culture and Bioprocessing

Update to HyClone™ Media, Serum, and Process Liquids

Note: Effective March 24, 2014, HyClone media, serum, and process liquids products are now part of the GE Healthcare portfolio. Visit www.lifetechnologies.com/choosegibco for more information on our comprehensive family of Gibco™ cell culture and bioproduction products and services, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

We offer a comprehensive suite of single-use technology products to support all your bioproduction needs, including standard and custom bioprocess containers and bags, manifold assemblies, outer support containers, single-use bioreactors, and single-use mixers. 

Thermo Scientific™ Single-Use Technologies include:

Single-Use Bioprocess Containers & Bags

Standard and custom bioprocess container (BPC) bags, tubing sets, and manifolds, covering a range of applications, sizes, and connection systems

Single-Use Bioreactors

Bioreactor platforms designed as stirred-tank reactors for animal cell culture, utilizing single-use product contact surfaces

Outer Support Containers

Plastic and stainless steel outer support containers that hold bioprocess bags for in-process and transportation needs


Single-Use Mixers

Single-use mixing products for liquid–liquid and powder–liquid mixing of media, buffers, intermediates, and final products