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Advantages of Near-Infrared for food and beverage analysis


FT-Near-infrared (FT-NIR) is an ideal technology for routine analysis in the food and feed industry.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Accuracy, precision, short time of analysis
  • Limited sample preparation
  • Replaces typical time consuming, expensive and hazardous primary analysis
  • Spectral data in the NIR region can be acquired by diffuse reflection, transflectance or transmission of the light on the sample
  • Analyze a wide range of samples such as:
    • Coarse solids
    • Powders
    • Pellets
    • Gels
    • Pastes
    • Slurries
    • Opaque and Clear Liquids

See the Resources section below for application notes, white papers and webinars on near-infrared in the food and beverage industry.

Specific Applications:


  • liquids can be measured more quickly by NIR than by primary method for moisture, protein, fat, free fatty acids, ethanol, density, solids, organic acids, carbohydrate profile and other important constituents
  • sample prep is eliminated and results produced within a minute
  • effective tool for measuring key parameters in alcoholic beverages, liquid sweeteners, edible oils, fruit juices, coffee, tea, soft drinks and nutritional formulas


  • quickly and accurately measures fat, moisture, protein, lactose, casein, total solids and other important constituents
  • a particular application that has shown great success is fat and dry matter analysis of cheese for process control
  • examples of dairy products analyzed are milk, butter, casein, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, baby formula, dried milk and whey powders

Baking Products

  • generate key quality results for protein, moisture, oil, particle size, ash, color, starch damage and water absorption
  • analyze ingredients, process and final product samples
  • examples of samples that can be analyzed are flour, bread, biscuit, cake mixes, breakfast cereals, pasta, snack foods, dough, additives and nutrient premixes

Pre-calibrated Food Solutions: Food, Flour, & Ingredient Analysis

Companies in the food and feed industries are under increasing pressure to produce products that meet customer specifications while increasing plant production and profitability. Near-Infrared spectroscopy is a solution that helps companies optimize their production process and guarantee products are meeting specifications. The Thermo ScientificTM AntarisTM Analyzer with INGOTTM calibration packages offers a pre-calibrated solution using world leading Fourier Transform Technology (FT-NIR). Traditionally, quality tests have been undertaken by lengthy chemical methods, which are labor intensive, time consuming, and require experienced technicians. Learn more about the benefits of near-infrared for flour, feed and ingredient testing to:

  • Monitor and control your process to maximize production and profitability
  • Rapid, multi-component analysis simultaneously without chemical or disposable costs
  • Near-infrared can save you time, money and analytical resources
  • Ensure product meets final product specifications
  • Determine the quality of incoming ingredients at intake


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