FT-IR spectrometers for research, analytical services, quality control, and chemistry teaching

Most laboratories require a good FT-IR spectrometer. With its simple and quick sampling, FT-IR is often the first technique of choice for confirming materials or identifying unknown compounds. With FT-IR you can sample solids, liquids, powders, pastes, surfaces and even gases – all in a matter of minutes.

Thermo ScientificTM FT-IR spectrometers include a range of sampling accessories and experimental modules. We offer everything from handheld FT-IR analyzers or rapid, field-based and at-line identification of materials to research instruments that include special modulation techniques or advanced step-scan capabilities.

Candidates for analysis: Optical filters, colored materials, photonic devices, incoming raw materials, polymers, kinetics, morphology, composites and blends, fibers, drug mixtures, forensic evidence, pigments, organo-metallics, catalysts and other inorganic compounds.

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