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Case Study:
Development of Qualified Cold Chain Solution for Vaccine Transport to Uganda

A customer developing vaccines as part of a government public health program required the development of a repeatable and effective pack-out solution for vaccine transport to Uganda.
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Blog post:
Developing Ebola Vaccine and Securing Your Cold Chain Logistics Plan

Recent reports issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak are yielding results. And even as we applaud the news, and also understand the need to continue the current efforts at an intense level, our collective attention is turning to the next step: developing a vaccine to prevent another outbreak.
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New Application Note

Gas Analysis Mass Spectrometry Applications in Fermentation and Cell Culture Processes

Learn about a process development solution for laboratories monitoring off gases during fermentations or cell cultures.

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5 Reasons to use Process Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology

Discover how to monitor, identify, maximize, software and scale using process mass spectrometry in biotechnology to protect your batches.


Application note

Monitoring Bioethanol Production with the Prima PRO and Prima BT Process Mass Spectrometers

Discover improved precision, accuracy and long intervals between calibrations and resistance to contamination using the Thermo Scientific™ magnetic sector analyzer, the technology behind the Thermo Scientific Prima family of mass spectrometers.
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Thermo ScientificTM Prima BT Top Mass Spectrometer
The high scanning speeds and reproducible measurements make it ideal for process development laboratories that require a highly precise, multi-port magnetic sector gas analyzer.

Enabling manufacture of safe and
efficacious drugs

Gain production efficiencies by streamlining your process. Our featured case studies highlight how process liquids and buffers collaborations save money and production time.
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Observe cell growth consistency

Ensure uniform, reliable production of large quantities of cells, vaccines and therapeutic proteins. Here we examine several commonly used cell types by separating and observing the layers of growth.
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Expect product consistency and quality

Our Practical Process Improvement-driven culture ensure quality and operational excellence.  View PDF >



Test before you buy

Our Rapid Response Service quickly delivers customized single-use BioProcess Containers to test and optimize fit, form and function in your bioprocess operations.  View PDF >


    The evolution of bioprocessing
    Michiel Ultee, PhD,
    Chief Scientific Officer at Laureate BioPharma, discusses how single-use technologies have increased productivity.


    Transition from stainless steel to a single-use bioreactor Mike Jenkins, PhD, General Manager, Catalent Pharma Solutions, shares how his organization relies on Thermo Scientific products and expertise.


    Ensuring quality products through tier-board meetings
    Jim Bylund, Global Director of Operations and Manufacturing at Thermo Fisher Scientific, explains the effective methods that are enacted daily around the globe.

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