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A better way to culture your cells

Watch this short video and  hear why you should consider culturing under hypoxic conditions, and the benefits you may discover when you do! 

Cells’ relationship to oxygen is complicated. Some may be necessary, but too much leads to differentiation, mutation, and even death. You may be culturing with oxygen levels appropriate for keeping your cells viable, but are they really thriving? And could a change in O2 levels make the difference? 

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Innovations in Cell Culture Technology Drive Drug Discovery Studies

Scientists around the world make use of cell culture techniques on a daily basis. Whether they happen to be working with primary cell cultures, secondary cultures or cell lines, they all face many of the same problems: slow growth, spontaneous... 


Cell culture drug discovery

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Designed to achieve the next cell culture breakthrough

The Thermo Scientific™ Heracell™ VIOS series represents a new era in advanced incubator design for sensitive cultures like stem and primary cells in leading research, pharmaceutical, and clinical applications. 

Model with iCAN Heracell VIOS

Through a holistic approach to culturing, our newest incubator series provides everything necessary for your most demanding and highly critical applications. By combining our latest technology advances in contamination control and uniform growth conditions with existing proven and reliable features, you are now able to achieve your goals faster, more reliably, and with less effort.

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THRIVE™ active airflow technology

Provides faster recovery and uniformity for consistent results. Cells recover all critical growth parameters in less than 10 minutes after a door opening.

On-demand cell culture webinar

Versatile is smart! The power behind culturing cells on a porous membrane

Cell Culture Insert

Cell-based research calls for more than your standard cell culture vessels and dishes. Learn about the possible uses and adaptability of cell culture inserts and review a case study using cell culture inserts to produce an artificial skin growth model at air-liquid interface.

Bob Scott, Thermo Fisher Scientific, reviews the pros and cons of standard cell culture vs. porous membrane cell culture; the wide range of applications for Cell Culture Inserts; the construction of artificial skin models at air-liquid interface on Cell Culture Insert; and the precise positioning of Cell Culture Inserts in the wells of the Carrier Plate.

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CO2 Incubation - community application notes

Back to Basics: Proper Care and Maintenance for Your Cell Culture Incubator

We’ve put the answers to the most common “how do I…” questions about CO2 incubators in one convenient place to help you avoid mistakes—and costly project delays. 


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A water-cooled condenser option in conjunction with a Thermo Scientific™ -86°C freezer can save up to 17% in energy consumption and reduce heat output into the lab by more than 70%.


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Sealed in security. Feel the difference with the Thermo Scientific™ ClipTip™ Pipetting System

ClipTip pipette tips lock firmly in place to form a complete seal on every channel.

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Sorvall Lynx

Productivity, safety and reliability simplified with Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ LYNX™ Superspeed Centrifuges

Multiple users. A variety of processing requirements. To overcome the challenges of a shared laboratory setting, choose the Thermo Scientific Sorvall LYNX superspeed centrifuge.

Online tool to help you choose the best microplate for your application

Whether you're culturing individual cell lines or scaling up for high throughput screening there's a Thermo Scientific plate for your needs.

Nunc Microplate


Nunclon Sphera Products

Advance your cancer and stem cell research

With the Thermo Scientific™ Nunclon™ Sphera specialty coated flasks, dishes and plates you can easily grow your cells in suspension with virtually no cell attachment—all with consistent results.