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National Geographic Program Highlights Water Purification

The debut episode of "Going Deep with David Rees" highlights our Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Smart2Pure™ water system.

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LE WP Smart2Pure Dispense Model


On-demand cell culture webinar

Harnessing New Dimensions in Your Research: Growing 3D Cultures Consistently and Repeatedly

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Keeping pace with innovation can be exciting. We want to simplify things by offering you new, indispensible tools that can be easily inserted into your cell culture process — saving time and improving research consistency. 

Laura E. Jensen, Ph.D. Thermo Fisher Scientific, reviews a novel suface technology that enables

consistent, repeatable growth of spheroid cultures across many cell types, including transformed cell lines and pluripotent stem cells.


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CO2 Incubation - community application notes

Back to Basics: Proper Care and Maintenance for Your Cell Culture Incubator

We’ve put the answers to the most common “how do I…” questions about CO2 incubators in one convenient place to help you avoid mistakes—and costly project delays. 


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You need easy access to application notes, related articles and other materials covering every step of your cell culture workflow. We've put everything in one convenient location with the new Cell Culture App Note Library.

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Plastic labware won’t shatter like glass – it’s less likely to cause injury or lose valuable contents in the event of breakage. Plastic labware is lighter weight and easier to handle than glass, making it more ergonomic. And there's no chipping or sharp edges with plastic labware.  



For information on a wide range of other cell culture topics, visit our complete Smart Notes Library


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Sorvall Lynx

Productivity, safety and reliability simplified with Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ LYNX™ Superspeed Centrifuges

Multiple users. A variety of processing requirements. A range of user experience. To overcome these everyday challenges of a shared laboratory setting, choose the Thermo Scientific Sorvall LYNX superspeed centrifuge.

Online tool to help you choose the best microplate for your application

Whether you're culturing individual cell lines or scaling up for high throughput screening, or anything in between, there's a Thermo Scientific plate for your needs.

Nunc Microplate



Nunclon Sphera Products

Advance your cancer and stem cell research
Looking for better ways to grow spheroid cells or promote formation of embryoid bodies? With the new Thermo Scientific™ Nunclon™ Sphera specialty coated flasks, dishes and plates you can easily grow your cells in suspension with virtually no cell attachment, all with consistent and repeatable results.


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