Global businesses must navigate a complex and constantly changing set of requirements from U.S. and China EPAs to EU directives related to air and water pollution and radiation. To ensure strict compliance and reporting with minimal impact on operational efficiency and profitability, we provide a range of analytical technologies designed around the unique requirements of your industry. Our air, water, soil, and radiation technologies provide reliable, accurate, and precise results that can make compliance simpler and help minimize regulatory risks.

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Trace Element Speciation with Mass Spectrometry | ICP-MS

Learn how the Thermo Scientific iCAP Q ICP Mass Spectrometer enables trace element speciation.   

New applications compendium

Environmental Testing Library

From sample preparation to detailed mass spectrometric conditions, this new 233-page applications compendium contains valuable methods for the analysis of a wide range of environmental contaminants. Methods represented include:

    ● On-line sample preparation
    ● Fast HPLC and multiplexing technologies
    ● LC/MS and GC/MS analyses

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Going mobile—portable equipment for water testing in the field
As water systems face increasing pressure to improve quality while reducing costs, having a full complement of mobile testing gear could very well be the best way to achieve both. While laboratory work is critical in the field of water and wastewater (WW) treatment, a good deal of data measurement occurs away from the confines of research facilities.

Water analysis and air quality


Water analysis
Enhancing the quality of our global water resources with easy-to-use laboratory and portable water testing solutions.

Air quality monitoring
Better health protection through improved air quality with emissions systems, gas analyzers, and portable monitors.

Soil testing


Environmental soil testing

Identify the scope and boundaries of contaminated sites with fast, powerful, and accurate hand-held soil analyzers.