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Those who focus on ensuring the safety and quality of food face increasing challenges. Whether you are testing for contaminants or developing a new production process, we are here to help. Our knowledgeable employees, innovative products and a range of solutions allow our customers to maintain their focus where it should be – on delivering safe, high-quality food products that consumers expect. We help your lab meet your food safety, food authenticity/adulteration and food quality needs.

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Characterization of Prebiotics Using High-Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography (HPAEC) at High pH Coupled with Pulsed Electrochemical Detection (PED)


High-performance anion exchange chromatography at high pH coupled with pulsed electrochemical detection (HPAEC-PED) is one of the most useful techniques for carbohydrate determination for routine monitoring or research applications. 

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The compatibility of electrochemical detection with gradient elution allows mixtures of simple sugars and oligo- and polysaccharides to be separated with high resolution in a single run. This technique has great impact on the analysis of oligo- and polysaccharides, including prebiotics. Prebiotics are selectively fermented ingredients that allow specific changes, both in the composition and/or activity in the GI microflora that translates into host well-being and health benefits. 

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Featured Microbiology article

Can probiotics influence mental health?


Dr. Jane A. Foster reviews our knowledge of gut microbiota and its influence on stress-related behaviours via the gut-brain axis, along with the impact of probiotics in countering psychological stress.

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Food Safety Infographic

Is X-ray Inspection of Packaged Food Safe?
X-ray inspection is one of the most effective ways to keep products safe.  But some people are under the false impression that it may be a health hazard. To get a realistic perspective, here are the average doses of radiation people receive from exposure to common products/situations.

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Understanding the demands of wine safety testing can be a complex task for the laboratory with numerous analytes and residues to monitor. Our separation and detection technologies, combined with experienced applications competence, and our best suited chemistries provide ideal solutions for the analysis of wine.


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Food Safety Testing Flipbook

Trace Elemental Analysis Solutions for Food Safety    

Thermo Fisher Scientific understands the demands of food safety testing. Our portfolio of atomic spectroscopy technologies (AA, ICP-OES and ICP-MS) combined with applications expertise provides solutions for fast, simple and reliable determination of trace contaminants and macro level nutrients. Our IC-ICP-MS solution offers the opportunity for labs to identify and measure toxic species concentrations such as Arsenic (III) and As (V). This notebook contains a wide range of application notes that will help address your food safety issues.

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Detecting Toxic Elements in Food

Speciation analysis (IC and ICP-MS) helps determine if food contains elements in toxic forms, and if these can be transported into the body through digestion, negatively affecting human health.

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Carbohydrate Analysis

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Edible Oil Analysis

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Trace Elemental and Speciation Analysis

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Food safety demands and options

Keep pace with food safety demands
Discover the variety of resources
we offer to help you keep pace with the demands of food safety testing. Our Food Safety Insider Magazine features information on our superior options and experienced service and support.

Food testing workflow and technology

Connections for advancing food safety and testing
Advance your food testing workflow with Thermo Scientific products. From sampling to sample preparation, instrument analysis and data collection to process and production monitoring, we offer innovative technologies.



Mass Spectrometry Applications for Food Safety Analysis

A comprehensiveapplication resource on topics such as pesticides, drug residues, mycotoxins, additional contaminants and more.

Solutions for food safety, quality, and halal testing

Learn how the food safety testing being undertaken in laboratories with our equipment is the same type of testing that is done for Halal testing.