Forensics Safety and Security

More forensic specific solutions. More locations.

Law enforcement is rapidly adopting new technologies as crime and terrorism are becoming high-tech enterprises. In the laboratory, forensic pathologists are utilizing new forensic instruments and methods and our proven technologies to help improve the outcomes of investigation and prosecution. In the field and during emergencies, first responders and law enforcement are using our handheld instruments for narcotics analysis, chemical identification and radiation detection.

Forensic Toxicology Lab of the Future – High-resolution mass spectrometry

On-demand webinar

Close your uncertainty gap with High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

In this webinar we will present a unique LC-MS solution which offers versatile analytical workflows to meet forensic laboratory requirements for screening, quantitation, unknown identification and bulk substance analysis all in one high resolution Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ platform.


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Forensic laboratory testing

Screening and confirmational solutions to isolate and identify substances contributing to a crime or loss of life.


Stay ahead of the next new drug


Antidoping Detection

Comprehensive antidoping analysis
Partnering with industry experts and regulatory agencies, our innovations ensure you stay ahead of new performance-enhancing drugs and blood products compounds more easily. We are proud to support all types of sporting event organizers of all levels across the globe.

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Field-deployed testing


Suspicious material identification


Chemicals and explosives identification
Handheld instruments that provide rapid and accurate identification of unknown chemicals in the field where you need it.

Suspected narcotics
Rapid identification without direct contact for most samples. A single test for multiple controlled substances provides law enforcement with clear, definitive results for presumptive identification.



Radiation detection, gamma dose rate measurements and area monitoring
Advanced handheld detection for any scenario.

Handheld radiation isotope identifier
provides fast, accurate real-time gamma source and isotopic identifications so you and your team can respond immediately.



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