Industrial Production

From oil and gas, chemicals and plastics to minerals, mining and metals, industrial producers face increasing pressure to improve quality, increase productivity and cost-effectively comply with strict regulatory requirements. Our technologies, including a new generation of rugged field-based instruments, let high-value industrial producers like you improve outdated and outmoded processes and expose quality defects that can erode existing market share or prevent expansion into new markets and profitable application areas.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015 ▪ 11:00 a.m. EST

Characterization of Battery Materials: Test cases for the energy storage of tomorrow

Learn about the basics of characterizing battery materials and the special equipment required to run these tests, including the basics of testing battery materials and exemplary case studies.



Lithium ion battery

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Analysis of Phosphate and Manganese Degradation Products in Aged Lithium Ion Batteries

Learn how the identification of key electrolyte degradation products in failure analysis testing by IC and IC-HRMS can provide insight into mechanistic pathways that can lead to improved safety and battery performance. 



lithium ion battery

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Acid to test jewelry

8 Reasons Jewelers Should Not Use Acid to Test Jewelry

Although results are considered reliable for the most part, there are several reasons to stay away from the acid and choose an XRF analyzer instead. 

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Chemical Detectives: Solve the Mysteries behind your Polymers

Sign up for one of our on-demand webinars to learn how infrared and Raman spectroscopy can help you reveal the mysteries of your polymers—from research and failure analysis to quality control and beyond. 

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FT-IR Spectrometer iD Accessories

Polymer Analysis with FT-IR Spectroscopy

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avoiding dust inhalation

Working in the Coal Mine – Avoiding Dust Inhalation

Dust inhalation is a huge concern in coal, metal, nonmetal, stone, and sand and gravel mining operations. Automated Personal Dust Monitoring is Equal to or Better than the Current Manual Dust Collection.

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Identifying Failures and Ensuring Quality of Plastic Materials

Through a series of case studies, this article demonstrates the value of infrared spectroscopy for polymer characterization and failure analysis. 


Optimize your aluminum production process at every critical stage

Optimize your aluminum production process at every critical stage, from incoming raw materials to the final coating line.

Chemicals and polymers


     Oil and gas


Visit the expansive new Chemical and Polymers Community for information on everything from electronics to agrichemicals.
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Discover new solutions to optimize your processes in oil and gas applications, which can help increase productivity and ensure plant safety. 
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Our metals production line includes a complete range of technologies and a breadth of capabilities to help you improve plant effieiency and product quality.
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Our highly integrated range of instruments, equipment and consumables address all segments of the mining process, from early stage exploration through processing.
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