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From oil and gas, chemicals and plastics to minerals, mining and metals, industrial producers face increasing pressure to improve quality, increase productivity and cost-effectively comply with strict regulatory requirements. Our technologies, including a new generation of rugged field-based instruments, let high-value industrial producers like you improve outdated and outmoded processes and expose quality defects that can erode existing market share or prevent expansion into new markets and profitable application areas.



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Polymer Analysis from Raw Material to Formulation

Learn how our innovative approach to polymer issues helps you efficiently and effectively collect and analyze data.   



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FT-IR Spectrometer iD Accessories

Polymer Analysis with FT-IR Spectroscopy


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A Snapshot of Strategic Metals

Strategic metals—encompassing 69 elements that are in short supply with no known alternatives—are used for a wide range of technological and industrial processes. 

For example, these metals can be found in most consumer electronic products, medical equipment, jet engines, semiconductors and LEDs—as well as being used as alloying agents in numerous metal products. View post >

Strategic Metals



Chemicals and polymers


     Oil and gas


Comprehensive material characterization for polymers for R&D labs, large-scale processing, pilot plant, and small-scale production.

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Discover new solutions to optimize your processes in oil and gas applications, which can help  increase productivity and ensure plant safety. 

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Solve your analytical and process needs for quality control in the processing of metals.  Improve product consistency and safety with real time gas analysis using process mass spectrometers.
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Our highly integrated range of instruments, equipment and consumables address all segments of the mining process, from early stage exploration through processing. 

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