Pharma and Biopharma

Producers of pharmaceuticals and biologics are challenged to become more efficient in discovering and developing candidate drugs whilst increasing manufacturing productivity and reducing costs – the economic viability of healthcare systems globally depends on this. Advanced instrumental techniques and workflows can accelerate the development pipeline. Whilst manufacturing processes face mounting regulatory demands for constantly stricter quality controls.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has innovative solutions at every stage of the pharmaceutical process; from discovery through to bio-production and QAQC. Our deep understanding of the challenges faced by producers of medicines allows us to forge partnerships that deliver next generation drugs to market quicker.

Bioprocessing and Drug Manufacturing
Biopharma Workflows
Drug Discovery
Drug Development
Pre-Clinical and Clinical Drug Testing
Pharmaceutical QA/QC
Pharmaceutical Data Management

Featured bioproduction webinars


A Risk Matrix Approach


In this exclusive webinar, we’ll explore important factors to consider when designing a media simulation trial program, and examine how these factors can be used to establish a risk-based matrix. You will also learn how single-use technology can aid safe and simple validation of aseptic manufacturing processes.




secure. sterile. sealed.

Learn how to successfully perform on-site validation for settle plates and contact plates used in environmental monitoring during pharmaceutical manufacturing.  Watch webinar >

Learn more about the Thermo ScientificTM Triple Wrapped Irradiated Plates. Designed for the

most regulated environments, they feature the latest in quality-assurance technology. It's the superior choice for environmental monitoring. Click here >


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BioProcess containers: safe and simple validation with single use technology

Watch this animation to see our culture media in bioprocess containers for media fill trials.
Ready-to-use and easy to connect.


Triple wrapped irradiated media for use during drug and vaccine manufacture

View brochure for more information on reducing the risk of contamination

Additional webinars


IC Assay Methods for Impurities, Degradation Products, and Counterions in Drug Substances and Drug Products
Review basics of modern IC
● Discuss some of the methods
   found in USP-NF monographs
● Detail development of IC methods
   for excipients, counterions, related
   substances and APIs

Ultra cold chain and logistical challenges in cell therapy clinical and commercial development

Best practices and case studies in ultra cold chain distribution and regulatory compliance in transporting biologics and cryogenically frozen cell-based therapeutics. 

Centralized biochemical screening and LIMS at a leading pharmaceutical companies

A pharmaceutical company more than doubled the productivity of their scientists conducting secondary biobiochemical screening with the Thermo Scientific™ Nautilus™ LIMS.

Advanced Single-Use Film for the Most Demanding Cell Culture and Bioprocessing Applications

The Thermo Scientific™ Aegis™5-14 film is designed to meet your needs across the widest range of applications.