BindIt™ Software

Create and store protocols in a PC database using Thermo Scientific™ BindIt™ Software. Once a protocol has been created, the protocol can either be transferred to the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ instrument memory or executed directly from the software. Protocols run directly from the software, and are not stored in instrument memory. Based on a step list, the parameters for the active step are shown on the screen. All steps have default parameters which can be changed according to the demands of the application.

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BindIt Software

Full specifications
Description BindIt Software
Drive CD-ROM drive
For Use With (Equipment) KingFisher, KingFisher mL, KingFisher Flex
Includes CD only
Item Description With CD only
Monitor XVGA monitor with 1024 by 768 resolution
Operating System Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2, Windows Vista; 32-bit Edition  Business Edition
Ports One serial or USB port available

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    Product Description


    • Plates and reagents used are defined in the plate layout
    • Due to an increased QC demand, BindIt Software enables the user to generate a status report including the run log, plate layout and step parameters
    • Enables the KingFisher Flex to interface with liquid handling, robotics and plate stacking instruments, providing a fully automated solution and the highest possible throughput

    Compatible with:

    KingFisher, KingFisher mL, KingFisher Flex

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