ChromQuest™ Software Platform

Maximize data acquisition and handling productivity with the Thermo Scientific™ ChromQuest™ Software Platform. Designed for laboratories looking for advanced handling capabilities and flexibility, this multi-technique chromatography platform allows any distributed architecture to be easily scalable. In addition to a standard workstation configuration, ChromQuest software is configurable for a Client/Server environment—any instrument configured as part of the enterprise can be monitored and controlled by any authenticated client.

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Controls LC and GC systems and associated instruments

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For Use With Controls LC and GC systems and associated instruments
Type Software
Applications SmartSequence can set up conditional actions in a sequence prior to injections, such as trigger a notification, abort, run a shut-down, or re-calibrate
Certifications/Compliance 21 CFR Part 11
Description ChromQuest 5.0; Configurable; Controls LC and GC systems and associated instruments

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    Product Description

    Ideal for Regulated Industries and Environments
    Operating under the major software platforms (such as Microsoft™ Windows™ 2000 and XP), the ChromQuest software platform facilitates compliance with all the requirements of the most modern laboratories in terms of data security, reporting and networking. Password protection and profile-selective accessibility, GLP, 21 CFR Part 11, and internal validation procedures are the new standards. ChromQuest software is the solution.

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