DataRAM 4™ Particulate Monitor

Measure the concentration of airborne particulate matter (liquid or solid) as well as mean particle size, air temperature, and humidity with the Thermo Scientific™ DataRAM 4™ Particulate Monitor.

This portable, continuous monitor provides real-time dust measurement of fine particulates in ambient air by using dual beam nephelometry and clean air sheath flow to maximize optics performance.

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DataRAM 4 Particulate Monitor

Full specifications
Accuracy ±2% of reading ±precision, references to gravimetric calibration (NIST traceable) with SAE fine test dust (mmd = 2 to 3µm, sg = 2.5, as aerosolized)
Analog Outputs Alarm switch: 30V (off, open), 2.5 A (on, closed), Alarm signal: 0V (off), 5V (on) (1 mA maximum load current), Audio alarm (back panel): more than 65dB @ 1m
Concentration Display Averaging Time 1 to 60 sec. (selectable in 1 sec. steps)
Concentration Display Updating Interval 1 per sec.
Concentration Measurement Range 0.0001mg/m3 (0.1µg/m3) to 400mg/m3
Description DataRAM 4 Particulate Monitor
Height (English) 5.28 in.
Height (Metric) 134mm
Particle Size Range (log-normal, sg = 2.0, m = 1.50) 0.05 to 4µm
Precision ±1% of reading or ± 0.001mg/m3, whichever is greater (1 second averaging), ±0.3% of reading or ±0.0001mg/m3, whichever is greater (10 second averaging), For single-wavelength concentration sensing at 25°C
Resolution 0.1% of reading or 0.1µg/m3, whichever is greater
Scattering Coefficient Range 10-7 to 0.4m-1 (resolution: 3 significant digits, maximum)
Weight (English) 11.7 lb.
Weight (Metric) 5.3kg
Width (English) 7.25 in.
Width (Metric) 184mm
Item Description DataRAM 4
Certifications/Compliance CE

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    Product Description

    The DataRAM 4 is a high-sensitivity, two-wavelength nephelometric monitor with a light scattering sensing configuration that has been optimized for the measurement of the fine particle fraction of airborne dust, smoke, fumes, and mists in ambient, atmospheric, industrial, research, and indoor environments. The DataRAM 4 provides direct and continuous readout as well as electronic recording of the information gathered. In addition to autoranging real-time readouts, the instrument also offers a wide range of information via four-line scrolling LCD screen.

    Key Features:

    • Compact, rugged, and totally self-contained
    • Designed for portable operation, as well as unattended fixed-point operation
    • Powered by internal rechargeable battery or by an AC power supply/charger (included)
    • Automatically checks its own optical background during the zeroing sequence and indicates any significant deviations requiring maintenance
    • Covers a wide measurement range from 0.0001mg/m3 (0.1μg/m3) to 400mg/m3, a four million-fold span ranging from very clean air to air with extremely high particle concentrations
    • Complete, large-capacity (50,000 data point) internal datalogging capabilities with data retrieval on screen or through an externally connected computer
    • Stored information includes individual point averages, particle size, temperature and humidity with time information as well as overall average and maximum concentration and tag numbers
    • Alarm levels selectable, with built-in audible signal as well as switched and signal outputs, RS-232 and RS-485 communications ports, and a programmable analog (voltage and current) concentration output
    LCD Information:
    • Median particle diameter
    • Scattering coefficient
    • Angstrom coefficient
    • Visual range
    • Run start time and date
    • Time averaged concentration
    • Elapsed run time
    • Maximum with time of occurence
    • Air temperature and relative humidity
    • Operating parameters and diagnostic information

    Note that the DataRAM 4 must be protected from all forms of precipitation.

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