Fission Chamber Detector Assemblies

Thermo Scientific™ fission chamber detector assembly can be used as a replacement for traditional BF3 and CIC detectors in some reactor designs. It's used in SR, IR and power range neutron flux monitoring systems.

Catalog #
Operating Humidity
Operating Temperature
(32 to 200°F);10 to 100% RH
Normal: 0 to 93°C

Full specifications
Length (English) 60 in.
Length (Metric) 152cm
Description Fission Chamber Detector Assemblies
Detector Housing Material Stainless steel or titanium
Fission Chamber Sensitive Material U235
Length (English) Detector Housing 60 in.
Length (English) Fission Chamber 44 in.
Length (Metric) Detector Housing 152cm
Length (Metric) Fission Chamber 112cm
Operating Humidity (32 to 200°F);10 to 100% RH
Operating Temperature Normal: 0 to 93°C
Radiation 4 x 1030 Rads (in well); 3.2 x 109 Rads (overall)
Weight (English) Detector Housing 80 lb.
Weight (Metric) Detector Housing 36kg
Item Description Class 1E
Certifications/Compliance Meets 1E Safety-Related qualification and Regulatory Guide (RG) 1.97 Post Accident Monitoring requirements.

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    Product Description

    • Class 1E Safety-Related
    • 40-year qualified life
    • Typically used in source and intermediate (or wide) range neutron flux monitoring applications
    • Can also be used in power range neutron flux monitoring systems
    • Uses two fission chambers side-by-side for higher neutron sensitivity in the source range

    Ordering Information:

    Assembly measures 60 × 5.25in. (152 × 14.2cm). Detector assemblies with two and three guarded fission chambers stacked vertically for axial power range monitoring also available. Contact your Thermo Scientific representative for more information.

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