iuvo™ Microchannel 5250 plate

Quantitatively measure cell motility in 2D or 3D cell cultures with the Thermo Scientific™ iuvo™ Microchannel 5250 Plate.

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1 plate

Full specifications
2D Culture Assays yes
3D Culture Assays yes
Cells per Well 1000 cells/well
Compatibility Fluorescent microscopes; High Content readers; Liquid handling systems; Robotic plate readers; Data analysis software
Treatment Time variable
Volume Per Well ~6?L/well
Cell Type Mammalian Tissue Culture
Plate Format 192-unit
Quantity 1 plate

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    Product Description

    The iuvo Microchannel 5250 Plate can test up to 192 cell samples in cell motility assays. This plate is optimized for automated liquid handling systems and quantitative data can be obtained by measuring cell population via fluorescent staining and imaging on a microscope or High Content Analysis reader. The unique channel design enables treatment with a drug or biomolecule and subsequent measurement of cell migration. Using 3D matrices, cell invasion can also be measured to mimic in vivo cell behavior.

    • Quantitative — Get accurate cell migration data

      Optimized — Passive pump technology enables easy media change to facilitate cell culture and immunostaining

    • High-throughput — Compatible with automated liquid handling systems and high content analysis readers

    3D cell culture models replicate in vivo tissue biology more accurately than conventional 2D monoculture; however, their use in drug discovery has been limited due to the difficulties in using matrix components and imaging in 3D in multiwall plates. The iuvo Microchannel 5250 plates make it possible to use 3D cell models in a highly miniaturized format on automated HCS platforms. Each microchannel consists of two ports, for the addition of cells (either in solution or in a 3D matrix) and one for the addition of media. The Patented Passive Pump technology leverages the surface tension in a drop to drive flow through the microchannel and enables media changes during cell growth and drug treatment as well as immunostaining procedures. The footprint of the iuvo Microchannel 5250 plate follows ALAS/ASNI standards to facilitate the use of automated liquid handling systems.

    Quantitative data is collected through image analysis of the microchannel. Post cell treatment, cells are immunostained and imaged using a microscope or high content analysis reader. Data analysis parameters can range from measuring the number of cells in a microchannel, analyzing subspecies using cell specific markers as well as assessing cell morphology.

    Product References:

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