LCQ Fleet™ Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

Run your routine samples quickly, easily and reliably using the Thermo Scientific™ LCQ Fleet™ ion trap mass spectrometer. With excellent full-scan sensitivity and rugged operation, this cost-effective system delivers rich information for complex samples in high-throughput applications such as natural product and impurity analysis, and general analytical chemistry. Easy-to-use, the LCQ Fleet ion trap mass spectrometer integrates seamlessly with HPLC systems under a single point of control. Automated features enable all users, both novice and expert, to analyze and interpret data easily.

Product Description

Exceptional Analytical Value

  • Proven performance for compound identification in complex matrices
  • Easy to use single-point LC-MSn
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC™) ensures optimum charge population
  • Normalized Collision Energy™ for library-searchable spectra
  • Fast polarity switching provides comprehensive information
  • Rugged Ion Max™ source

Compatible with:

Learn more about accelerating analysis with the perfect partner for mass spectrometry instruments, Accela™ High Speed LC System—an HPLC and U-HPLC in one system.

Recommended for:

Natural Product Analysis , Impurity Analysis, General Analytical Chemistry


Rich information in a cost-effective package

Ion trap MSn technology provides rich information from complex samples.  The LCQ Fleet ion trap makes this power robust, reliable, and cost effective.

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