Partisol™ 2300 Speciation Sampler

Characterize particles and gases contained in ambient air with Thermo Scientific™ Partisol™ 2300 Speciation Sampler. This flexible sampling platform contains the same user interface and is built upon the same hardware platform as the popular Partisol Model 2025 Sequential Air Sampler and allows two size fractions to be sampled simultaneously with the PM-2.5 and PM-10 inlets.

Catalog #
Speciation sampler

Full specifications
Height (English) 27.1 in.
Height (Metric) 68.8cm
Voltage 120 to 240V
Width (English) 30.8 in.
Width (Metric) 78.2cm
Data Memory Interval data (stored every 5 minutes), filter data, and input data (stored at user-defined interval; default averaging and storage interval is 30 minutes)
Description Speciation sampler
Flow Rate 16.7L/min.
Inputs Three 0 to 5 analog inputs, two additional 0 to 5VDC inputs
Outputs Three user-defined 0 to 5VDC analog outputs and two user-defined TTL outputs, RS-232
Temperature (English) Operating -22° to +122°F
Temperature (Metric) Operating -30° to +50°C
Approvals and Certifications Meets USEPA chemical speciation requirements for PM-2.5 sampling; designed to compy with UL-, CSA-, and CE-equivalent electrical and safety approvals
Depth (English) 14 in.
Depth (Metric) 35.6 cm
Item Description Partisol Model 2300 Speciation Sampler
Power Consumption 15A

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    Product Description

    This speciation sampler was conceived from the ground up as a sequential sampling platform. Both the four- and 12-channel versions of the device provide sequential sampling capabilities. Four-channel samplers can be upgraded at a later date to the 12-channel configuration.

    Four flow channels can be operated simultaneously, each at a flow rate of up to 16.7L/min (one cubic meter per hour) to achieve thermodynamic conditions comparable with PM-2.5 FRM samplers. This also allows more material to be collected on each 47mm filter for analysis than at lower flow rates. Active volumetric flow control maintains a constant volumetric flow rate specified by the user by incorporating four mass flow controllers and ambient temperature and pressure sensors.

    Key Features:

    • Flexible sequential (12-channel) unit with Partisol-style user interface
    • ActiVol™ flow control with four flow controllers; straight flow path
    • PM-2.5 and PM-10 impactors ensure sharp size cut point similar to FRM
    • Programmable flows (up to 18L/min.)
    • Base (Four-Channel) and flexible sampling platform configurations available

    Channels can be grouped in the following ways:

    • Three groups of four flow channels
    • Three groups of three flow channels
    • Six groups of two flow channels
    • Twelve flow channels

    Additional Information:

    • Three types of internal data storage
    • Simplicity of operation
    • Convenient exchange of sampling modules without opening instrument enclosure
    • Remote operation through analog input or two-way RS-232 serial link
    • Low maintenance requirements

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