Pinpoint™ Software

Facilitate the transition from proteomic discovery experiments to verification of putative biomarkers and general quantitative proteomics with Thermo Scientific™ Pinpoint™ software. Pinpoint software simplifies development and refinement of targeted quantitative methods. It uses data from previous discovery experiments to predict proteotypic peptides and determine the best SRM transitions. It also provides tools for evaluating preliminary data so that only peptides showing the best response are retained in the final intelligent SRM (iSRM) method.

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Product Description

Simplifies SRM Assay Development

  • Imports and processes panels of targeted proteins and peptides selected from discovery experiments
  • Automates searching of user-created and public (e.g. Peptide Atlas) MS/MS spectral libraries, or in-silico prediction of target peptides for hypothesis-driven experiments
  • Automates selection of the most abundant precursor and product ions, with highly accurate, automated determination of optimal collision energies for SRM transitions
  • Provides flexible method design that can integrate high-resolution precursor selection, timed acquisition, and full MS/MS scans (QED) into SRM assays
  • Matches experimental and library spectra, providing correlation analysis with probability scoring for high-confidence targeted peptide verification
  • Integrates discovery results with relative and absolute quantitation results in customizable reports
  • Easily exports results for use in refining the method

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Leveraging discovery data

The ability to leverage data from qualitative discovery experiments can vastly simplify development of targeted proteomics methods and speed verification of putative biomarkers.

Targeted assays

High-resolution, accurate-mass data can enhance quantification of peptides, particularly in complex samples.  Pinpoint software facilitates the development, operation, and analysis of these quantitative assays.

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For Use With Proteome Discoverer software; SIEVE software; TSQ-series triple quadrupole mass spectrometers; HeavyPeptide AQUa custom heavy peptides; SILAC reagents and kits; Tandem Mass Tags (TMT)
Type Mass spectrometry software for creation and refinement of targeted quantitative methods for proteomics
Description Pinpoint Software

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