SmartView 100 (SV100) 100mm Paperless Data Recorder

Enjoy convenience, flexibility and maintenance-free data recording with the Thermo Scientific™ SmartView 100 (SV100) Paperless Data Recorder. It provides an intuitive, networkable and easy to maintain paperless data acquisition platform. The SV100 can accept 6, 12 or 18 universal inputs. Real-time or historical data can be viewed in a variety of formats on the bright 5.5″ touchscreen display. It is designed to meet a variety of applications and budget requirements and with the engineer, technician, operator and purchasing agent in mind.

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SV 100mm Paperless Data Recorder

Full specifications
Accuracy Voltage: ±0.05% of programmed range; Current: ±0.1% using external shunt resistor
Alarm Types H, L, Rate, Abnormal
Common Mode Noise Rejection 120dB at 50/60Hz
Common Mode Voltage 300VAC p-p
Communication Ports RS232 and RS485 communication with Modbus (RTU or ASCII); front USB port
Contact Output/Input 6 isolated Form C contact outputs and 6 digital inputs per card; 1.0Amp at 117VAC or 25VDC resistive
Data Storage Data may be saved to storage media as instantaneous, average, max. or min. values
Data Storage Selection Each screen may be saved to media based on a user-defined interval or trigger
DC Current Type Linear, square root and log programmable to 4-20mA, 10-50mA and dry contact
DC Voltage Type Linear, log, and square root programmable to 10VDC (50mV, 100mV, 200mV, 1V, 5V and 10V bipolar ranges)
Deadband User selectable
Depth (English) 9.25 in.
Depth (Metric) 234mm
Description SV 100mm Paperless Data Recorder
Display Modes Up to 8 user defined screens (Vertical Trend, Vertical Bargraph, Horizontal Bargraph, Horizontal Trend, Digital, Overview, Alarm/Event Summary)
Display Type 5.5 in. Color Active Matrix TFT LCD (320 x 240)
Display Update Rate 125mS
Enclosure Splash proof cover available
Failsafe User selectable
File Type Data file (per screen basis), Alarm/Event file, Configuration file
Impedance >10Mohm
Internal Memory 64 MB of RAM, 8 MB of Flash, and 500 K NVRAM
Length (English) Bezel 5.7 in.
Length (English) Cutout 5.4 in.
Length (Metric) Bezel 144mm
Length (Metric) Cutout 144mm
Math Package Formulas: Algebraic equations, conditional, moving average, hi/lo peak, timer, totalize, time average, programmable linearization curve, logarithmic, true moving average, hi/lo difference and gated timer
Network Type Ethernet (10/100 Base-T), TCP/IP, TCP/IP Encapsulated Modbus, OPC/PI compliant, FTP Client, FTP Server, Web-Enabled (using standard web browsers)
No. of Alarms Up to 5 alarm setpoints per point
No. of Inputs 6, 12 or 18 isolated inputs
Normal Mode Noise Rejection 60dB at 50/60Hz
Nuclear Qualifications Seismic (IEEE 344-1987), EMI/RFI (EPRI TR-102323,
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% RH non-condensing
Parallel Printer Port Screen Print
Power Consumption 40VA fully loaded
Power Fail Protection Programmed parameters stored in nonvolatile Flash
Power Requirements Requirements: 90-132VAC/180-264VAC (50/60Hz)
Real Time Monitoring and Data Historian Thermo Scientific ProView Plus, ProServer OPC and Modbus (RTU and ASCII) support
Recording Format ASCII or Binary
Recording Range 1 sample/second to 1 sample/24 hours
Resolution 0.012% of full scale
RTD Type 10ohm Cu, 100ohm Pt 385, 500ohm Pt 385, 100ohm Pt 392, 200ohm Pt 385, 200ohm Pt 392 and 120ohm Ni
Scan Rates All points scanned every: 125mS
Storage PC Card ATA flash or compact flash PC card with Type II adapter (up to 2 GB); USB flash device; 1.44 MB floppy disk also available
T/C Type ±1.5°C for J, K, T, E, Nicrosil-Nisil and Nickel/Nickel Moly; ±3°C for R, S and C; ±4°C for B; RTD: ±0.5°C; J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C, Nicrosil Nisil and Nickel/Nickel Moly
Temperature PC Card Drive -10° to +50°C (14° to 122°F); Floppy Drive: -5° to +40°C (23° to 104°F)
Transmitter Power Supply 24VDC at 120mA (per input card)
Video Output External VGA port (VGA 800x600)
Virtual Chart Scales User programmable
Virtual Chart Speed User programmable in inches or mm per hour
Weight (English) 7.5 lb.
Weight (Metric) 3.4kg
Width (English) Bezel 5.7 in.
Width (Metric) Bezel 144mm
Width (Metric) Cutout 144mm
Item Description SV 100mm Paperless data recorder
Certifications/Compliance CE marked

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    Product Description

    • 125mSec scan rate for all points
    • 16MB of internal RAM memory and 8MB of internal flash memory
    • Wide variety of user selectable display modes
    • 1.44MB floppy or PCMCIA ATA flash, and USB flash device
    • RS232 and/or RS485 with Modbus protocol support
    • 10 Base-T ethernet communication option
    • ProView application and data management software
    • Parallel printer port

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