2D Barcode Readers

Read and decode 2D barcodes quickly and efficiently

Compact, user-friendly 2D barcode readers ensure fast, automated sample tracking. Paired with Thermo Scientific™ VisionTracker™ software, they provide a secure method for managing your sample data.

VisionMate Barcode Reader

VisionMate software downloads

Compatible with the line of Thermo Scientific™ 2D barcoded products, The VisionMate High Speed Reader's less than a second read time can increase throughput of manual or integrated workflows.

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VisionMate™ Linear Barcode Reader Accessory

Catalog #: AB-1860

Track storage tube racks simultaneously with their tube 2D barcodes using the Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ Linear Barcode Reader. Reads individual rack 1D barcodes.

VisionMate™ SR Single Rack 2D Barcode Reader

Catalog #: 3115

Decode a full rack of barcoded storage tubes in less than ten seconds with the compact, user-friendly Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ SR Single Rack 2D Barcode Reader.

VisionMate™ ST Single-Tube 2D Barcode Reader

Catalog #: 3125

Scan single 2D barcodes instantly into your tracking software or other application with this barcode reader, which connects via USB port.

VisionTracker™ Sample Management Software

Catalog #: 3220

Organize and track your samples with ease using Thermo Scientific™ VisionTracker™ Sample Management Software.