Automated Analysis and Informatics Solutions

Automated acquisition, analysis and informatics software and hardware to visualize, analyze and store high content fluorescence imaging data.

Thermo Scientificâ„¢ image analysis and informatics solutions allow you to easily and affordably analyze and manage thousands of images and high content data, without the need to invest in expensive computers. Our informatics software and hardware transform images into information, critical to the discovery of new drug candidates, and store all your precious data. Our image analysis software offers researchers a way to assay numerous measurements of live cells including size, shape and temporal and spacial distribution of fluorescence label, all in real time.


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HCS Studio™ 2.0 Cell Analysis Software

Catalog #: SX000041a

Acquire and analyze cellular imaging and data with a premier high content instrument control, visualization, and analysis software.

Store™ Informatics Software

Catalog #: Multiple catalog numbers exist

Store and manage data automatically for rapid, highly scalable, global access to all HCS data.