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Update to cell culture

Effective March 24, 2014, HyClone™ media, serum, and process liquids products are now part of the GE Healthcare portfolio. Please visit www.gelifesciences.com/hyclone for more information.

Visit www.lifetechnologies.com/choosegibco for more information on our comprehensive family of Gibco™ cell culture and bioproduction products and services.

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Gibco Cell Culture Media

DMEM, RPMI 1640, MEM, GlutaMAXTM Media, Mammalian Classical Media...

Gibco Fetal Bovine Serum
Standard FBS, Performance FBS, Specialty FBS, Serum from other animals...

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Balanced Salt Solutions, Buffers & Chemicals, Transfection Reagents, Cell Dissociation Reagents...

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Custom Media Development, Media Optimization Services, Protein Expression Products...