Centrifuge Rotors

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Supporting applications ranging from clinical and blood banking, microbiology, tissue culture, molecular biology and genomics, drug discovery and proteomics, Thermo Scientific centrifuges are interchangeable and designed for maximum application flexibility and best quality separations.

Fiberlite Rotors: Advanced Carbon Fiber Centrifuge Rotors 

Maximize centrifuge performance - now within your reach.

Fiberlite Carbon Rotors Brochure
  • Corrosion- and fatigue-resistance provides unequaled durability
  • Lightweight for simple handling and convenience
  • Ultimate sample temperature control for reliable results
  • Increased productivity with higher G-forces
  • A secure investment, backed by a 15-year warranty
  • Compatible with Nalgene bottles and tubes for complete centrifuge solutions

Learn how to accelerate productivity with unequalled durability

NEW! Thermo Scientific Sorvall LYNX Superspeed Centrifuge Series

Rotor innovations shorten run set-up time while providing peace-of-mind that the rotor is secure.

Auto-Lock rotor exchange
Secure, trouble-free rotor installation and removal in as little as 3 seconds.

Auto-ID instant rotor identification
Immediate identification of a rotor when secured in the centrifuge chamber, with rotor specifications automatically loaded into the centrifuge parameters.

Speed handle on rotor lids
Makes tightening the lid safer while also simplifying lid removal.

Superspeed Rotors with Auto-Lock