Accurate weight control. Maximized efficiency.

Maximize your process efficiencies while providing reliable weight control measurements with Thermo Scientific™ checkweighers, which can be customized to your specific business needs. With our checkweighers, you can depend on consistent product throughput, to achieve the bottom-line results your business needs.

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What's in your package?
Does the weight of your packaged product match the weight on the label? A checkweigher weighs every product in motion and rejects products that are off spec, providing reliable weight control.

CAD PI Checkweighers Infographic

View the infographic to learn 10 Ways to Save Money Using Checkweighing

Combination Checkweigher and Metal Detector

Catalog #: 70.600

Eliminate the expense of two machines with the Thermo Scientific™ Combination Checkweigher and Metal Detector.

Large Case and Bag Checkweigher - Versa Frame 44 and Box-Series

Catalog #: 70.044

Perform dependable, accurate in-line weighing of cases, bags, and large packages with the Thermo Scientific™ Large Case and Bag Checkweigher – Versa Frame 44 and Box-Series.

Versa 8120 Chain Checkweigher

Catalog #: 70.181

Improve throughput efficiencies and increase your bottom line with the Thermo Scientific™ Versa 8120 Chain Checkweigher.

Versa Frame 44 Heavy-Duty Checkweigher

Catalog #: VERSAFRAME44

Designed for rugged industrial environments with line rates up to 100 packages per minute (up to 300 fpm depending on package length), maximize your productivity with the…

Versa GP Checkweigher

Catalog #: PID-10144546

Accurately weigh your small-to-large packages with dependable consistency using the Thermo Scientific™ Versa GP Checkweigher.

Versa Rx and Versa RxV Pharmaceutical Checkweighers

Catalog #: Multiple catalog numbers exist

Meet the high performance standards of the pharmaceutical industry with these checkweighers.

Versa Teorema Can Checkweigher

Catalog #: PI.0034.0205

Depend on the Thermo Scientific™ Versa Teorema Checkweigher for unparalleled speed and accuracy in today's demanding high-rate canning lines.

VersaWeigh™ Food Checkweigher

Catalog #: Multiple catalog numbers exist

Providing you with a range of applications, the Thermo Scientific™ VersaWeigh™ Food Checkweigher is an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, sanitary and scalable system.