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From sample preparation to final results, discover how our complete portfolio of chromatography products can improve your analytical performance and workflow productivity.

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Introducing the Vanquish Flex UHPLC System


This biocompatible UHPLC system delivers state-of-the-art quaternary solvent blending and all the inherent values built into all Vanquish platforms—accuracy, precision, sensitivity, and robustness.


Built for Biopharma/Pharma


  • Robust for all applications
  • Easy method development
  • Highest performance system



SMART Digest Kits


  • Perfect protein digestion
  • High quality analytical results


Streamline Your Protein Digestion with the SMART Digest Kit

Streamline Your Protein Digestion with the SMART Digest Kit

Fast and reproducible protein digestion for improved sequence coverage and data quality over traditional in-solution digestion.



Introducing the Q Exactive GC Orbitrap GC-MS/MS

A new chapter in GC-MS analysis has begun


  • High-resolution, accurate-mass (HR/AM) system
  • High mass accuracy
  • Increased confidence in compound identification
  • Metabolomics, food safety, industrial, clinical, pharmaceutical analyses



New MAbPac RP Columns


Now you can use reversed-phase conditions for higher resolution separation of intact monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and fragments by HPLC and LC/MS.


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Vanquish—The New Standard in UHPLC

Separating complex samples just got a lot easier. Introducing the Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ UHPLC system:

  • Better separations
  • More results
  • Easier interaction

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