Cold Storage

Protect your samples

Proven cold storage sample protection solutions from +4°C high-performance lab refrigerators to -196°C cryogenic freezers and Thermo Scientific™ brand consumables.


Concentrate on your work without worrying about your valuable samples. Researchers worldwide protect more than two billion samples inside Thermo Scientific cold storage equipment.

Find the cold storage equipment, options and accessories for your lab with our new selector

Our new cold storage product selector makes it easier than ever to find the right Thermo Scientific™ cold storage solution for your samples and your laboratory environment. This easy-to-use selector helps you find the right equipment based on your country's electrical requirements. From there, you can find the right inventory management solutions, monitoring options and accessories. At the end of the configuration, you can submit a quote and a Thermo Scientific representative will respond to your request.

Cold Storage General Application

Selecting the right cold storage solution is critical for vaccine storage

How can our Cold Storage Solutions protect against preventable diseases?

Thermo Scientific high-performance lab refrigerators and freezers include:

  • Compatibility for wireless remote monitoring in the event of a power or mechanical failure
  • Key-operated controls and locking doors to prevent tampering
  • Directional airflow for uniform temperature
  • Microprocessor controls for precise temperature regulation