Drugs of Abuse Testing Reagents, Calibrators and Controls

Rely on our drugs of abuse testing (DAT) products as a complete solution for your testing program, including sample collection devices, expansive test menu, compact bench-top clinical analyzers, and data management options. Drug screening laboratories around the world test with confidence using our gold standard Thermo Scientific™ CEDIA™ and Thermo Scientific™ DRI™ technologies, widely accepted as the leading methods for testing urine samples. With our DAT solutions, you can obtain accurate and reliable results rapidly for your busy lab.

On-demand Webinar - Building your Drug Court lab

Building Your Drug Court Lab
What does it take to set up a successful, onsite Drug Court laboratory? Learn the benefits, considerations and challenges during this webinar.

On-demand Webinar - The truth behind drug screening

The truth behind drug screening
Learn about the pros and cons between various drug screening methods and sample types for drug court testing programs.

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