Elemental Analysis

Identify organic and inorganic elements at ppm to sub-ppt levels across the lab with our broad portfolio of instrumentation. We create breakthrough technologies and enable scientists in environmental, industrial and health markets to work faster, with the confidence and flexibility to adapt to changing demands.

ARL™ QUANT'X EDXRF Spectrometer


Accomplish the most challenging analytical tasks in research and manufacturing with powerful x-ray fluorescence technology for nondestructive elemental analysis of any sample.

AccuLINK™ Software Package


Improve the performance of your online cement analyzer with innovative software that combines laboratory and online elemental analysis. 

Additional Gas Kit for the ELEMENT™ GD GD-MS Analyzer

Catalog: 1223270

Enable the introduction of He make-up-gas,with this Thermo Scientific™ Additional Gas Kit for the Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ GD GD-MS analyzer.

Additional Mass Flow Controllers

Catalog: Multiple catalog numbers exist

Gain increased flexibility from your Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ Series HR-ICP-MS instrument with these Thermo Scientific™ Additional Mass Flow Controllers.

Anode Caps

Catalog: Multiple catalog numbers exist

This range of top quality Thermo Scientific™ Anode Caps for the Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT GD™ GD-MS analyzer, ensures consistent, reliable performance.

Anode Tube

Catalog: 1195180

Use only this superior quality replacement Anode Tube to ensure consistently high performance from your Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ GD GD-MS spectrometer.

Argon Humidifier Tubing Kit

Catalog: 842312052101

This convenient Thermo Scientific™ Argon Humidifier Tubing Kit contains all the tubing you need to run ICP-OES analysis with our Argon Humidifier accessory.

ARL iSpark™ Series Optical Emission Spectrometer


Be sure of the quality and composition of metals used in fabrication and manufacturing operations with innovative elemental analysis using OE spectrometry.

ARL OPTIM’X Cement Analyzer


Meet the most demanding elemental analysis requirements for raw meal, clinker and cement with a unique, turnkey solution for cement laboratories.

ARL™ 3460 Optical Emission Spectrometer


Guarantee the quality of your products to your customers with reliable, accurate elemental analysis of solid metallic samples using OE spectrometry.

ARL™ 4460 Optical Emission Spectrometer


Achieve reliable and accurate elemental analysis of solid metallic samples with ultimate speed and performance using OE spectrometry.

ARL™ 9900 Pot Flux X-ray Analyzer


Monitor your aluminum smelting process with combined XRF-XRD technology for improved pot flux analysis and bath ratio determination.

ARL™ 9900 Simultaneous-Sequential XRF Series


Save money and achieve quality control in your industrial process with full simultaneous and sequential capabilities integrated into one instrument.

ARL™ 9900 Total Cement Analyzer


Save fuel and ensure the quality of your cement with careful monitoring of raw material, clinker and cement composition using XRF and XRD analysis.

ARL™ 9900 X-Ray WorkStation™


Achieve complete quality control of metal and mineral operations with an analytical solution that combines XRF and full XRD capability into one easy process.