Fog Testing System

Timely, measurable and repeatable

With multiple levels, features, and performance that measure VOCs for leather, vinyl, plastics, and textiles for automotive, marine, transportation, or aerospace, Thermo Scientific™ Horizon™ Fog Testing System is designed to determine the values as defined in the DIN, ISO and SAE standards.


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Recreate automotive interior outgassing in a timely, measurable and repeatable way to help identify and develop products that outgas SVOC’s at a reduced rate.

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Concerned with cost management, maximizing system uptime or guaranteed quality of service? Our service solutions are the right choice. We can provide complete global service solutions to match your needs, backed by factory-certified repairs and maintenance.


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From bench top to large manufacturing processes, Thermo Scientific temperature control products provide scalable solutions that world class companies and industry leaders continue to make their ideal choice.