Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

Get answers quickly and easily — with maximum confidence — with our FT-IR instruments. You can't rely on guesswork and using confirmatory techniques requires time. Shorter analytical cycles mean process improvements, quality assurance and improved profitability. By developing the easiest, most efficient FT-IR software available, we've made FT-IR accessible to more of your staff, creating efficiencies and lowering overhead.

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Nicolet iN10 Infrared Microscope
Concentrate on learning from data — not acquiring data — with the Thermo Scientific™ iN™10 Infrared Microscope.  The innovative design and intuitive, task-oriented Thermo Scientific™ Picta™ software with a highly visual interface allows users of all skill levels to easily and confidently obtain high-quality data on even the smallest samples.

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iS5 Video:

Fast, reliable answers for QA testing and material identification

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iS50 Video:

Solve your analytical challenges with this high productivity, all-in-one materials analysis workstation

Easily achieve high quality data with the integrated iN10 FT-IR Infrared Microscope

Load, point, shoot and report.
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Forensic Analysis of Paper Currency with FT-IR Microscopy
Confirm the authenticity of counterfeit currency.  Stay ahead of this criminal activity, with the Thermo Scientific™ iN™10 Infrared Microscope that combines forensic-relevant techniques with excellent analysis software.

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