Safe, secure cold storage solutions for critical samples and materials

Used in a variety of life science, clinical and industrial applications, our freezers provide sample protection features include advanced control systems and alarms. Thermo Scientificâ„¢ freezer profolio consists of Enzyme, Plasma, Explosion Proof, Flammable Material, and Laboratory freezers that will meet your application needs.

Find the laboratory-grade freezer that's right for you

Our new cold storage product selector makes it easier than ever to find the right Thermo Scientificâ„¢ cold storage solution for your samples and your laboratory environment. This easy-to-use selector helps you find the right freezer based on your country's electrical requirements. From there, you can find the right model for your application as well as monitoring options and accessories. At the end of the configuration, you can submit a quote and a Thermo Scientific representative will respond to your request.

Choosing the right cold storage for cell culture applications

Topics include:

  • Cold storage touch points in the cell culture workflow
  • Types of cold storage products: how and what differentiates them
  • Brief discussion or performance characteristics
  • Criteria to consider for an optimized experience

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Introducing our new FMS high-performance laboratory freezers

Our new FMS high-performance laboratory freezers feature:

  • Easy to use, intuitive digital display featuring microprocessor control
  • Lockable doors, audio and visual alarms including door ajar alarms for security and peace of mind
  • Convenient access ports and caster
  • Ignition-free interior cabinets for the safe storage of flammable materials
  • Manual defrost

FMS High-Performance Freezers