Safe, secure cold storage solutions for critical samples and materials

Used in a variety of life science, clinical and industrial applications, our freezers provide sample protection features include advanced control systems and alarms. Thermo Scientificâ„¢ freezer profolio consists of Enzyme, Plasma, Explosion Proof, Flammable Material, and Laboratory freezers that will meet your application needs.

Choosing the right cold storage for cell culture applications

Topics include:

  • Cold storage touch points in the cell culture workflow
  • Types of cold storage products: how and what differentiates them
  • Brief discussion or performance characteristics
  • Criteria to consider for an optimized experience

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Introducing our new FMS high-performance laboratory freezers

Our new FMS high-performance laboratory freezers feature:

  • Easy to use, intuitive digital display featuring microprocessor control
  • Lockable doors, audio and visual alarms including door ajar alarms for security and peace of mind
  • Convenient access ports and caster
  • Ignition-free interior cabinets for the safe storage of flammable materials
  • Manual defrost