High content Instruments

All instruments feature state of the art hardware, with a focus on productivity, ease of use and ease of maintenance. Use our instruments with our reagent- and cell line-based assays for maximal productivity.


Learn more about high content screening & cellular imaging analysis – visit our high content screening section on lifetechnologies.com.


ArrayScan™ XTI HCA Infinity Configuration

Catalog #: NX10002INF

Carry out high content analysis and perform cell biology experiments using this automated high content instrument with integrated confocal capabilities and other modules.

ArrayScan™ XTI High Content Analysis (HCA) Reader

Catalog #: NX10002L

Carry out high-throughput, automated, quantitative cellular and subcellular analysis in fixed and live cells using this modular and flexible high content reader.

CellInsight™ CX5 High Content Screening (HCS) Platform

Catalog #: CX51110

Rapidly perform high content imaging assays with this affordable, compact HCS platform.