Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS)

Our flexible LIMS are relied upon to manage data, resources and workflows. Specific application functionality dramatically reduces implementation, training, validation and maintenance costs. 

Integration Manager

Catalog #: INF-25000

How do you turn vast amounts of enterprise data into timely, effective business decisions? Integration Manager translates and consolidates all your disparate data sources.

Nautilus LIMS™ for Dynamic Discovery and R&D Environments

Catalog #: INF-12000

Need a LIMS that can keep up with your dynamic laboratory? This flexible, configurable system increases efficiency, throughput and data reliability while simplifying…

SampleManager LIMS™

Catalog #: INF-11000

A flexible, scalable enterprise LIMS for companies seeking a corporate standard for Quality Control operations.

Watson LIMS™ for Bioanalytical Laboratories

Catalog #: INF-21000

Want to accelerate sample turnaround, improve workflow efficiency, and lower the cost of DMPK and other ADME studies? The Thermo Scientific™ Watson LIMS™ for Bioanalytical…