Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS)

Confidently identify, deeply characterize and precisely quantify a vast range of compounds, from environmental contaminants to drug metabolites to protein complexes, using liquid chromatography combined with mass spectrometry.

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Making HRMS more accessible

Discover what early adopters of the new Thermo Scientific™      Q Exactive™ Focus hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap MS have to say about its utility and performance.

End-of-year savings on UHPLC and LC-MS products

Get the latest UHPLC and LC-MS technology working for you. Take advantages of discounts and trade-ins now through the end of the year to maximize your lab's LC and LC-MS capabilities.

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Research awards up to $5,000

Are you doing original protein research that could benefit from isobaric mass tagging? Win up to $5,000 worth of Thermo Scientific™ TMT10plex™ isobaric mass tag labeling kits and MS reagents throught the Thermo Scientific™ Tandem Mass Tag™ Research Awards.

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Save 40% on protein biology products

Through the Thermo Scientific™ Mass Spec Rewards Program mass spectrometry facilities can save 40% on orders up to $2,500 (or the local currency equivalent) of Thermo Scientific Protein Biology Products. Save even more if you purchased one or more Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers in 2014.

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Multi-Antibiotic Residue Detection In Food

Discover an improved method for screening and confirmation testing in accordance with EU Commission Decision 2002/657/EC.