Mass Spectrometry Software

Intuitive, application-specific Thermo Scientific MS software accelerates the acquisition of high-quality mass spectral data and helps turn that data into answers to the most challenging scientific questions. 

Dionex™ DCMSLink™ Software Plug-In

Catalog #: Multiple catalog numbers exist

Use common MS software to control and acquire data from Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IC or LC system with the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ DCMSLink™ software plug-in.

ExactFinder Software


Thermo Scientific™ ExactFinder Software is for routine targeted and general unknown screening.

ImageQuest Software

Catalog #: 10137985

Detect, identify and determine the distribution of compounds — all in a single analysis.

LipidSearch™ Software


Accurately and automatically identify and quantify cellular lipid molecular species from mass spectrometric data with Thermo Scientific™ LipidSearch™ software.

Mass Frontier 7.0 Spectral Interpretation Software


Simplify the management, evaluation, and interpretation of GC and LC mass spectral data using Thermo Scientific™ Mass Frontier 7.0 Spectral Interpretation Software.

MetQuest™ Automated Quan/Qual Metabolic Screening Software


Unleash the power of a new Orbitrap™ based solution for automated Quan/Qual analysis of drugs and their metabolites from a single injection.

MetWorks™ Automated Metabolite Identification Software


Integrates acquisition control, component detection, and predicted fragmentation into one intuitive workflow.

MSQ™ Xcalibur™ Software Additional-License Upgrade

Catalog #: 069337

Upgrade to four licenses to acquire and reprocess data from the Thermo Scientific™ MSQ™ single quadrupole LC-MS.

PEAKS Studio Software

Catalog #: PEAKS40

Perform de novo sequencing, protein identification, assisted manual sequencing, and data manipulation quickly and efficiently using PEAKS Studio software.

PepFinder™ Software


Achieve accurate identification, in-depth characterization, and relative quantitation of protein therapeutics with Thermo Scientific™ PepFinder™ software.

Pinpoint™ Software


Facilitates the transition from early-stage biomarker discovery to larger-scale, quantitative verification of putative biomarkers and general quantitative proteomics.

ProMass Deconvolution 2.8 Software

Catalog #: OPTON20885

Thermo Scientific™ ProMass Deconvolution 2.8 Software is an automated biomolecule deconvolution and reporting software package that produces artifact-free deconvoluted ESI…

ProSightPC 2.0 Software

Catalog #: PROSIGHTPC10

The first stand-alone software for analyzing top-down proteomics data, has been enhanced to add support for middle-down and bottom-up experiments.

Protein Deconvolution Software


Significantly improves the identification and characterization of intact proteins from mass spectrometric data.

ProteinCenter Software


Compare and interpret proteomic data sets in minutes instead of months with the Thermo Scientific™ ProteinCenter Software.