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High-quality meters are essential to the critical, routing tasks you perform every day. Our extensive, proven portfolio of Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ benchtop and portable meters delivers accurate consistent results–day after day.


We offer a wide selection proven meters that meet your specific application requirements and budget. From single parameter pH meters to multi-parameter meters capable of measuring pH, ISE, conductivity and dissolved oxygen simultaneously, discover the meter that meets your exact measurement requirements. Our meters include easy-to-use features that maximize productivity and minimize training time, and offer a durable construction for a long product life.


VSTAR 91 Meter

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Ensure accurate and reliable measurements in your laboratory and research locations with one of our benchtop meters.


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Take your measurements in the field without sacrificing the accuracy and reliability of your measurements with one of our waterproof portable meters.

Portable Kit and Case

Accessories for protection, organization and efficiency

Increase the productivity of your benchtop meter, and add reliable protection and easy organization for your portable meter. 

Liquid analysis at work

Measuring Dissolved Oxygen in Wine Tanks
Wineries have become increasingly concerned with the oxygen incorporation in the wine during the bottling process. Dissolved oxygen in the wine influences quality, stability, and longevity. This application note describes how to reliably measure the oxygen content of wine directly in the tank using a portable meter and DO sensor.

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