Molecular Biology

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Looking for RNAi or gene expression products?


Access our expanded family of RNAi and gene expression products and services now available through Life Technologies, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific


Our comprehensive portfolio includes siRNAs, miRNAs, vector-based solutions and tools for delivery, and products for detection and analysis in vitro and in vivo, as well as libraries for high-throughput applications. 



RNAi interference

  Ambion® RNAi products and services Search the more than 200,000 Ambion siRNA and over 2,000 mirVana™ miRNA mimics and inhibitors.


 Invitrogen™ Transfection Effective reagents for delivery of plasmid DNA, siRNA, RNAi duplexes, oligonucelotides, and RNA into eukaryotic cells.

ORF Clones/Clone Collections

 ORF Clones/Clone Collections Human, mouse, rat, and yeast clones for a wide range of applications.

cDNAs and cDNA Libraries

 cDNA and cDNA Libraries PCR-ready first strand cDNAs, RACE ktis, genomic DNA libraries, and cDNA library construction kits.

Gene Synthesis

 Gene Synthesis Synthesis, cloning, and verification of virtually any desired genetic sequence delivered ready for downstream applications.