Morgue and Autopsy Equipment and Supplies

Coverglass Thumb Forceps

Catalog: 19040

Choose 4.75″ (12.1cm) coverglass thumb forceps for quality and precision.

Graduated Stainless-Steel Beakers

Catalog: Multiple catalog numbers exist

Constructed of surgical grade stainless-steel, Thermo Scientific™ Graduated Stainless-Steel Beakers feature inside graduated markings that show milliliters and fluid…

Knife Cases

Catalog: Multiple catalog numbers exist

Hold up to two knives with Thermo Scientific™ Knife Cases.

Kuehne Coverglass Thumb Forceps

Catalog: 19060

Choose 4″ (10.2cm) Kuehne Coverglass Thumb Forceps, featuring angled tips for quality and precision.

Lid for RA Lamb Drying Hotplate

Catalog: E181C

Cover the RA Lamb dry hotplate with the Thermo Scientific™ Lid for RA Lamb Drying Hotplate, which features a stainless-steel hinge.

RA Lamb Columbia Jar

Catalog: E93

Hold four cover glasses (eight back-to-back) with the Thermo Scientific™ RA Lamb Columbia Jar. This glass jar accommodates 22 x 22mm cover glasses vertically.

RA Lamb Cork Disks

Catalog: E715CD

Designed for cryostat use, Thermo Scientific™ Raymond A Lamb Cork Disks are shipped 100 per pack.

RA Lamb Cork Sheets

Catalog: E728

Prepare specimens with Raymond A Lamb resin-bonded cork sheets.

RA Lamb Cutting Needle

Catalog: E62

Ensure quality and precision with the 135mm Thermo Scientific™ RA Lamb Cutting Needle.

RA Lamb Disposable Dissecting Boards

Catalog: E735

Manufactured from layered cardboard and sponge, Raymond A Lamb Disposable Dissecting Boards come 10 to a pack.

RA Lamb Embryo Dishes

Catalog: Multiple catalog numbers exist

View or stain free-floating specimens with Thermo Scientific™ RA Lamb Embryo Dishes, molded of clear glass with glass lids for viewing.

RA Lamb Glass Coplin Jar

Catalog: E94

Hold up to 10 slides back-to-back with Thermo Scientific™ RA Lamb molded glass coplin jars. Jars have a drop-on lid and integral large diameter base.

RA Lamb Hellendahl Jar

Catalog: E95

Hold 76 x 26mm microscope slides vertically in Thermo Scientific™ RA Lamb Hellendahl Jars.

RA Lamb Lens Tissues

Catalog: E19

Take advantage of a quality product with Thermo Scientific™ RA Lamb Lens Tissues.

RA Lamb Mounted Needle

Catalog: E64

Choose 130mm Thermo Scientific™ RA Lamb Mounted Needle for quality and precision.