Portable Analysis for Material ID

Get lab-quality results with user-friendly portable analyzers — anywhere, anytime, under any condition.

Thermo Scientific™ portable analytical instruments deliver instant, actionable data for quick decision making in critical situations. Combining sophisticated technologies and an incredibly easy-to-use interface, our portable analyzers provide rapid, reliable chemical identification and material verification to increase throughput, raise quality and reduce risk — in virtually any location, field environment, or weather condition.

Product focus

Better, faster, safer decision making
Harness the power of FTIR and Raman spectroscopy in a single handheld instrument with the Thermo Scientific™ Gemini™ Analyzer:
  • Dual chemical identification technologies- complimentary and confirmatory
  • Rapid, accurate, field-based analysis of a broader range of solid and liquid chemicals
  • Meets the demanding requirements of elite military forces and first responders
  • Exceptionally lightweight, intuitive, easy to use
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Gemini FTIR and Raman handheld analyzer

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FirstDefender™ RM Chemical Identification System


Obtain accurate identification of chemicals, explosives, and hazardous materials in seconds with non-contact, non-destructive identification using Raman spectroscopy.

FirstDefender™ RMX Handheld Chemical Identification


Quickly identify unknown solid and liquid chemicals down range including explosives, toxic industrial chemicals, chemical weapons, narcotics, precursors, and white powders.

Gemini™ Analyzer

Catalog #: GEMINI

Identify unknown chemicals and explosives in the field quickly, safely, and confidently with the power of FTIR and Raman spectroscopy in a single handheld instrument.

microPHAZIR™ AG Feed Analyzer

Catalog #: microPHAZIRAG

Ensure the right nutritional balance in your products while increasing operational efficiency and maximizing profits with fast animal feed analysis at the point of use.

microPHAZIR™ AS Asbestos Analyzer


Prevent asbestos exposure with in-field screening and identification of all six types of regulated asbestos fibers using NIR spectroscopy.

microPHAZIR™ PC Analyzer for Plastic/Polymer Identification


Rapidly screen and identify a variety of polymers, plastics and fiber types on-site to streamline inspection without compromising accuracy and quality.

microPHAZIR™ RX Analyzer


Obtain reliable pharmaceutical raw material identification within seconds to meet regulatory requirements, improve GMP and ensure product quality using NIR spectroscopy.

Niton™ DXL Precious Metal Analyzer


Be absolutely certain of the value of the precius metals you buy and sell with a fast, simple, nondestructive solution for gold analysis designed for retail environments.

Niton™ FXL Field X-ray Lab


Get elemental analysis anywhere on site for mining and oil and gas exploration, without the cost and delay of sending samples to offsite laboratories with portable XRF…

Niton™ XL2 GOLDD XRF Analyzer

Catalog #: XL2GOLDDXRF

Perform rapid, reliable elemental analysis anytime, anywhere for scrap metal recycling, mining exploration or electronics and consumer goods screening with handheld XRF…

Niton™ XL2 XRF Analyzer

Catalog #: XL2

Instantly identify materials on the spot, whatever your analytical requirement, from scrap metal recycling to mining exploration to lead screening, with handheld XRF…

Niton™ XL2 XRF Precious Metal Analyzer

Catalog #: XL2PRECIOUS

Perform accurate gold analysis, quickly detect gold plating and counterfeit gold and test the purity and chemistry of all precious metals with handheld XRF analyzers.

Niton™ XL3p XRF Analyzer

Catalog #: 10131167

Conduct metal analysis quickly and accurately with handheld XRF analysers for scrap metal recycling, casting and fabrication and positive material identification applications.

Niton™ XL3t GOLDD+ XRF Analyzer


Achieve fast, accurate analysis of light elements without helium purging or vacuum pumps with handheld XRF analyzers.

Niton™ XL3t Ultra Analyzer


Get geochemical data when and where you need it to find elusive oil and gas deposits and quickly determine which ones will prove the most productive.