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Thermo Scientific™ portable analytical instruments deliver instant, actionable data for quick decision making in critical situations. Combining sophisticated technologies and an incredibly easy-to-use interface, our portable analyzers provide rapid, reliable chemical identification and material verification to increase throughput, raise quality and reduce risk — in virtually any location, field environment, or weather condition.

Product focus

Audit-ready performance, from raw materials to finished goods to counterfeit screening
The portable Thermo Scientific™ TruScan™ RM Analyzer is designed from the ground up for cGMP compliance to provide global pharmaceutical manufacturers with the most complete solution for RMID and API inspection, virtually anywhere in the manufacturing plant or remote distribution channel.
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TruScan handheld Raman analyzer

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AhuraFD™ Handheld Chemical Identification

Catalog #: AHURAFD

The Thermo Scientific™ AhuraFD analyzer has been discontinued as of December 31, 2011 due to the positive reception of our next generation Raman products,

FirstDefender™ RM Chemical Identification System


Obtain accurate identification of chemicals, explosives, and hazardous materials in seconds with non-contact, non-destructive identification using Raman spectroscopy.

FirstDefender™ RMX Handheld Chemical Identification


Quickly identify unknown solid and liquid chemicals down range including explosives, toxic industrial chemicals, chemical weapons, narcotics, precursors, and white powders.

Gemini™ Analyzer

Catalog #: GEMINI

Identify unknown chemicals and explosives in the field quickly, safely, and confidently with the power of FTIR and Raman spectroscopy in a single handheld instrument.

microPHAZIR™ AG Feed Analyzer

Catalog #: microPHAZIRAG

Ensure the right nutritional balance in your products while increasing operational efficiency and maximizing profits with fast animal feed analysis at the point of use.

microPHAZIR™ AS Asbestos Analyzer


Prevent asbestos exposure with in-field screening and identification of all six types of regulated asbestos fibers using NIR spectroscopy.

microPHAZIR™ PC Analyzer for Plastic/Polymer Identification


Rapidly screen and identify a variety of polymers, plastics and fiber types on-site to streamline inspection without compromising accuracy and quality.

microPHAZIR™ RX Analyzer


Obtain reliable pharmaceutical raw material identification within seconds to meet regulatory requirements, improve GMP and ensure product quality using NIR spectroscopy.

Niton™ DXL Precious Metal Analyzer


Be absolutely certain of the value of the precius metals you buy and sell with a fast, simple, nondestructive solution for gold analysis designed for retail environments.

Niton™ FXL Field X-ray Lab


Get elemental analysis anywhere on site for mining and oil and gas exploration, without the cost and delay of sending samples to offsite laboratories with portable XRF…

Niton™ XL2 GOLDD XRF Analyzer

Catalog #: XL2GOLDDXRF

Perform rapid, reliable elemental analysis anytime, anywhere for scrap metal recycling, mining exploration or electronics and consumer goods screening with handheld XRF…

Niton™ XL2 XRF Analyzer

Catalog #: XL2

Instantly identify materials on the spot, whatever your analytical requirement, from scrap metal recycling to mining exploration to lead screening, with handheld XRF…

Niton™ XL2 XRF Precious Metal Analyzer

Catalog #: XL2PRECIOUS

Perform accurate gold analysis, quickly detect gold plating and counterfeit gold and test the purity and chemistry of all precious metals with handheld XRF analyzers.

Niton™ XL3p XRF Analyzer

Catalog #: 10131167

Conduct metal analysis quickly and accurately with handheld XRF analysers for scrap metal recycling, casting and fabrication and positive material identification applications.

Niton™ XL3t GOLDD+ XRF Analyzer


Achieve fast, accurate analysis of light elements without helium purging or vacuum pumps with handheld XRF analyzers.