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Process Mass Spectrometers

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Process Gas Analysis in the Lab: Prima BT mass spectrometer

Process mass spectrometry solutions

  • Iron and steel applications

    From blast furnace to the galvanizing line, Thermo Scientific process mass spectrometers optimize a diverse range of hot metal production processes. These reliable, online instruments provide fast, accurate, comprehensive gas analysis, enabling integrated steel mills and mini-mills around the world to efficiently monitor primary and secondary conversion methods.

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  • Biotechnology

    The use of online process analytical technology (PAT) has recently become a high-profile endeavor in the biotechnology industry.  Yet, fermentation scientists have been using Thermo Scientific process mass spectrometers since the early 1980s to reliably monitor the composition of gas streams into and out of fermentors and bioreactors.

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  • Hydrocarbon processing

    Fast, accurate, comprehensive gas analysis data enables model predictive control systems to be updated in real-time, resulting in production unit optimization and maximum profitability.  Hydrocarbon processing plants around the world use Thermo Scientific process mass spectrometers to optimize a diverse range of chemical production processes as well as to monitor fugitive emissions.

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