Raman Spectroscopy

A complete line of Raman microscopes and spectrometers for researchers and investigators that combine top performance and best-in-class usability.

Every day, people are turning to Raman spectroscopy because of its analytical power, but usability and reliability determine its potential for a user. Our design emphasizes successful use without compromise of performance, helping the spectroscopist, the materials researcher and the forensic investigator all to leverage Raman within the unique challenges they face each day.



Rethink Raman for your lab

If your organization shares instrumentation or you must rely on a wide range of tools to conduct your research, you want to obtain results fast using equipment that needs little technical expertise. With the DXR family of instruments, you can use Raman spectroscopy, microscopy, and imaging to advance your knowledge and reputation in your own field of work without mastering a new scientific technique.

Rethinking Raman

Focus on results

Hear first-hand experiences on how the DXR Raman instruments have improved these researchers' exploration and results.

Product spotlight

Accessible Raman imaging for all

The instrument delivers stunning images without a Raman or spectroscopy expert.