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Equipped with software created for all users — from beginners to experienced — Thermo Scientific™ rheometers are versatile, innovative instruments proven to increase productivity. With accessories made for practically every application, Thermo Scientific rheometers can help you rediscover rheometer analysis.


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Enhanced HAAKE™ MARS Rheometer

Get ahead of the competition with this new modular advanced rheometer system for faster, comprehensive material characterization.

  • Streamline operation with Connect Assist technology to automatically recognize accessories
  • Maximize capabilities with advanced modularity
  • Gain insight into rheological property changes
  • Experience seamless method transfer from R&D to QA/QC

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MARS Rheometer 05

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Tracking UV Curing Fast Reactions in a Rheometer Using the Fast Oscillation Mode
Curing, hardening, crosslinking, crystallization, melting, all these processes involve a drastic change of a material’s mechanical properties due to the build-up or destruction of a structure. Thus, rheological methods are the perfect tools to characterize these processes.


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