Rotational Rheometers

HAAKEâ„¢ Viscotesterâ„¢ iQ Rheometer

Catalog #: 262-0001

Individual. Intuitive. Intelligent rheometry for quality control. Discover the difference.

HAAKE™ MARS III Rotational Rheometer

Catalog #: 379-0400

Meet the most demanding requirements in research and development with the Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ MARS III Rotational Rheometer, one of the most modular high-end…

HAAKE™ RheoStress™ 1 Rotational Rheometer

Catalog #: 379-0001

Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE RheoStress 1 is a universal laboratory rheometer with features of a research grade instrument.

HAAKE™ RheoStress™ 6000 Rotational Rheometer

Catalog #: 396-0040

Employ the latest developments in high-end rhemoeter technology with the Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ RheoStress™ 6000 Rotational Rheometer.

HAAKE™ RotoVisco™ 1 Rotational Rheometer

Catalog #: 376-0001

Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ RotoVisco 1 is a classical rotational rheometer.