Spectral Libraries

Take the guesswork out of your spectral analysis and create greater efficiencies in your lab with our comprehensive library of compounds for applications including Hazmat, Forensics, Food, Polymers and Organic Chemistry.

Aldrich Collection of FT-IR Spectra Edition II

Catalog #: 834-016201

Effectively perform qualitative identification of compounds with this comprehensive collection of FT-IR spectral references.

Aldrich™ Solvents FT-IR Spectral Library

Catalog #: 834-008900

Confidently identify compounds with this subset of the Aldrich FT-IR Spectral Library related to solvents.

Commercial Materials FT-IR Spectral Library

Catalog #: 834-010101

Obtain high quality results and create greater efficiencies in your lab using this four-library set with material-specific collections of commercial interest.

Georgia State Crime Lab Drug FT-IR Spectral Library

Catalog #: 834-007501

Thermo Scientific™ Georgia State Crime Lab Drug FT-IR Spectral Library is one of the most extensively used collections for the identification of drug substances.

Lubricants and Oils FT-IR Spectral Library

Catalog #: 834-016000

Consists of spectra representing an international collection of lubricants and oils.

Sigma Sugars and Carbohydrates FT-IR Spectral Library

Catalog #: 834-005901

Confidently identify sugars and carbohydrates with this library, a material-specific subset of the larger Thermo Scientific™ Sigma Biochemical Condensed Phase Library.

Sigma™ Biochem Condensed Phase FT-IR Spectral Library

Catalog #: 834-005501

Access an extensive spectral collection of the most common chemicals found in the Sigma™ Biochemicals and Reagents catalog in this FT-IR Spectral library.