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From consumables and laboratory equipment to software, scientific instruments and accessories, our product services can help you get the most out of your investment.

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Through Unity Lab Services, you can access a complete portfolio of services and support solutions designed to help improve productivity, reduce total cost of ownership and ensure performance throughout your laboratory.

The Services provided include:  Preventative Maintenance and Support Plans, Extended Warranties, and Instrument Installation, Relocation and Disposition.

Learn more about the thousands of factory trained experts, state-of-the-art facilities, telephone or on-site support, multi-vendor services and remote diagnostics that we can bring to your lab.

Additional Services

Product Assurance Services & Solutions (PASS)

Product Assurance Services & Solutions (PASS)
Our PASS program offers inspection of products for a wide range of dense contaminants, product damage, defects, missing products, and over- or under-filled packages. We can help you minimize brand damage and ensure maximum product recovery. Turn to PASS for a fast, confidential way to have your product thoroughly tested and inspected when you suspect contamination or nonconformity.

Oil refinery solutions from Thermo Scientific environmental and processing solutions

Environmental and Process Monitoring Instrumentation 
Our dedicated, customer-focused service teams deliver unmatched expertise and knowledge of gas analyzers, process mass spectrometers, density and level meters, flow instruments, continous emissions systems and handheld gas analyzers. Maximizing equipment uptime and ensuring data accuracy starts with our included comprehensive warranty. Supplemental offerings are customizable and cost effective, and include preventative maintenance, product training, parts management, nuclear source services and emergency support. 

Maximize your investment with our service solutions.

Component Testing Studies

Component Testing Studies
Utilize our expertise in extractable testing to help qualify disposable or single-use components used in bioprocessing. We work with you to design studies which generate compounds that can be extracted from drug components under exaggerated conditions. Ask your Thermo Fisher Scientific representative for more information on Leachable Studies and Extractable Studies.